FMCG Alcoholic beverages
Whisky, whiskey and bourbon
  • The consumption of whiskey is growing unlike the consumption of vodka.[5] One of the factors contributing to the whiskey category’s growth is the relatively new segment of flavoured whiskies (e.g. honey or cinnamon), which accounted for about 12% of U.S. whiskey sales in 2015.[6]
  • Whiskey vs. whisky vs. bourbon – the difference between whiskey and whisky lies mainly in the spelling. “Whiskey” is used in the US and Ireland, while the rest of the world and mainly Scotland, Canada and Japan use the word “whisky”.[7] Bourbon, in many countries (though not everywhere) is the whiskey produced in the US (it’s mostly associated with the Kentucky region) and made primarily from corn.[8]
  • India consumes most whiskey in the world.[9] However, France consumes most per capita.[10]
  • Communication themes typical for the category: heritage, craftsmanship, masculinity, responsible drinking.
FMCG Alcoholic beverages

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